for companies based in Brussels, Belgium.
Specialized in corporate photography since 2002.
We communicate in English, French, Dutch and German.

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Bizbuzz works with STUDIO 42 and KunstKot
Two professional studios near Schuman and Montgomery.

Hi, I am Sander and I do photography for all sorts of clients. Did you see mee jumping around in my studio?

Business to business photographic services are my main occupation.

Photography should help architects, real estate investors, politicians, lobbyists and NGO's.

I studied photography at the KABK The Hague and worked in commercial studios for many years doing advertising photography.
Now I work with a team of motivated professionals like you,be it stylists, make-up artists, assistants or another studio when necessary.

Do you want to use our services? Just
contact me well in advance of your project or event.

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